What goes on inside the US Treasury? Watch “The Treasury Story”

The Treasury Story

This is one of our favorite films from Economics for Everybody. Although a bit dated, it reveals the enormous growth (and regulatory reach) of the US Treasury Department. It has grown even larger by now. Yet, even then, you can see the incredible number of people working for the different branches. Some of our favorite […]

Cartoons About Economics: It’s Everybody’s Business (1954)

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This little cartoon from the 1950′s does a quick job of looking at how principles of personal liberty and private property combine with entrepreneurialism to grow the economy. It also shows how government intrusion is one of the biggest obstacles to positive growth. And, of course, it’s a lot of fun to watch! (Source: Prelinger […]

A 1950′s Family Looks at the Free Market

In Our Hands, Part 2

A series of four short films were made in 1950 entitled “In Our Hands.” We used clips from this, the second one, in Economics for Everybody since it explains the way the free market system helps coordinate the land, labor and capital to provide us what we need. It’s a fun, quick look at how economics works […]

How Apples Teach Supply and Demand

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It was too close of a match for us not to mention it: a recent report by the AICR received the headline “Study Finds That An Apple A Day Keeps Cancer Away.” This is the exact example we give in Lesson 4 when discussing the Laws of Supply and Demand. Here’s the specific clip of […]

Watch a clever cartoon pit Socialism vs Free Enterprise: “Make Mine Freedom” (1948)

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We love the vintage John Sutherland cartoons. This latest 10 minute short does a fun job showing what happens when the government takes control of the economy as it implements various stages of socialism instead of free enterprise. It also explains why America has been so wealthy for so long. Although a bit laughable here, […]

“Going Places” – Our Favorite Cartoon about Entrepreneurialism

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We used clips from this fun little 1948 cartoon by John Sutherland about a young man with a dream to make soap. It’s a great picture of how entrepreneurs are rewarded for their ideas and hard work, as well as how society is rewarded by the quality goods, competition, and lower prices resulting from entrepreneurs.

Why did we use so many old film clips in the series?

Food Giant

When we started thinking about how to make the series, we hit an immediate roadblock: what do you use for b-roll when you’re talking about economics?  (B-roll is the coverage footage that goes over the primary footage – in this case, RC. After all, economics can be so very abstract. Furthermore, as we were writing the scripts, […]

What’s changed in 72 years?

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This campaign ad for Wendell Willike (1940 Republican Presidential candidate) recounts a decade of higher taxes and a shocking increase in national debt due to out-of-control government spending. Sound familiar? The tax, borrow and spend policies of the New Deal were a disaster to our economy then and are a disaster today. Nothing new here […]