Compassion on the Cheap

Beware of Pickpockets

We all think in shorthand. That is, we carry with us sundry mental shortcuts that move us from one thought to another swiftly. These give us license to dismiss some ideas quickly so that we might be free to mull over others. Which is why these shortcuts, when they are wrong, can be so wrong […]

Misunderstanding Markets

Wolves and Sheep

Often in the economics classes I teach, as well as in the other discussions I have on economics and government, I face an array of misunderstandings of what free markets mean. Let’s look quickly at two: First, there is the idea that “economic power” is in the same category as “government power.” Equating the two […]

A Chinese Christian economist looks at market economies with and without churches

What’s the difference between Market Economies with Churches & Market Economies without Churches?